Training Exercises

Blind Shooting

From the G5Prime blog.

Stand roughly 2-3 yards (3 Meters), away from a large target. You want to be close enough and the target to be large enough so that you will not miss it! Take a good shoulder-width stance. Close your eyes and smoothly draw your bow, feeling for the same anchor point on each shot. Focus on the sensations and really slowly squeeze the release. The simple act of closing your eyes will break down your temptation to punch the release. Typically, archers do this when they see the pin settle on the sweet spot. Instead, you should allow your sights to circle around the sweet spot and slowly squeeze the release. It will result in a much more consistent grouping.

From me… for finger shooters and a bit of a deeper consideration during this drill.

The same as above except for an attention to a nice relaxed roll off the fingers trying to reduce that archers paradox. (Let that string get ripped from your fingers, the hand must be flat and in line with your wrist.)
A good amount of concentration on back tension (for all archery disciplines!) Try to feel your deltoids working in unison for that 50/50 of push and pull engaging your romboid minor and major on your string side and a stabilizing push on you bow side setting your bow shoulder nice low and in against the rotator cuff.